Webserver For Finding Orthologs For Two Organisms


    Help on Input Files

    Currently user is required to download the [faa],[ptt] files from NCBI ftp.
    Files downloaded should be uploaded to Orfin input page.

    Help on RBBH parameters

    User have an option to change the E-value for Blast. Default value for this is 1e-05.
    Alignment Length can also be changed to cover the desired fraction of the protein in Alignment. Default value is 50%.

    Help on Output Options

    To view the output in different formats i.e. Protein-ID and ORF-ID(Synonym)user can change the radio button to desired option. For using this option upload of [ptt] file along with [faa] file of respective organism.

    Help on Results

    Each of the job submitted to OrFin is assigned with a job-id, and link for the results is sent to Email-id provided in input. Please check the spams in Email given if mail is not recieved.